Arruti Group

Product Categories: Substation Control, Recording, and Monitoring, Transmission and Distribution

Product Territories: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington


Transmission connector fittings and hardware, Substation bus and grounding connectors, and Fiberoptic OPGW hardware fittings.


  • AL. Bolted Susbstation Connectors in Aluminum and Bronze
  • Bronzed Bolted Substation Connectors
  • Welded Connectors
  • Compression Connectors
  • Bus Supports
  • Conductor Spacers
  • Grounding Clamps
  • Custom Substation Applications
  • Compression Dead Ends
  • High Temperature Low Sag Conductor Applications
  • Suspension Clamps
  • AGS Clamps
  • Transmission Fittings
  • Yoke Plates
  • Transmission Assemblies
  • Armor Rods
  • Spacer Dampers
  • Stockbridge Dampers
  • Counter Weights
  • OPGW and Ground Wire Accessories