Pennsylvania Transformer Technology

Product Categories: Transmission and Distribution

Product Territories: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington


Pennsylvania Transformer Technology, Inc. is an industry leader in manufacturing various types and sizes of power transformers as well as single and three hase voltage regulators. We are a U.S. owned, power transformer manufacturer that produces a total range of transformer sizes, small (<10 mVA), medium (10-60 mVA), and large (>60 mVA).


  • Power Transformers - 10 to 500 MVA - Up to 345 kV
  • Three-Phase Voltage Regulators - Up to 5,000 KVA - 46 kV
  • Load Tap Changers
  • Specialty and Rectifier Transformers
  • Three-Phase and Single-Phase Units
  • Less Flammable Liquids (Silicon, High Temp, Environmentally Friendly)