Wildfire Forum: What Utilities Need to Know

Event Date

Wednesday, January 20th 2:00pm


Wednesday, January 20th 3:30pm


Online Webinar




Utilities continue to battle wildfires with unprecedented tolls in property damage and costs while the risks to the utility, its employees, and consumer-owners continue to rise. Every wildfire season brings new issues to the forefront while utilities are still in recovery mode from the prior season(s). NWPPA has created a timely forum series to tackle some of these issues and facilitate discussion between members, public officials, responders, and others. Topics for this series will be influenced by choices of participants during the first two sessions. Likely topics are risk and mitigation planning, power system shut-off criteria and considerations, crisis communication plans, vegetation management approaches, insurance coverage, advanced technology for assessment and hardening, and more.

This first forum will be on sharing best practices on risk and mitigation plans. Even utilities with plans in place are continuously refining and reacting to government policies or seeking better modes of implementation after recent experiences. You will be interacting with utility leaders who have been on the front lines in their service territories during recent fire seasons.