Arbiter Systems, Inc.

Product Categories: Panels, Control, and Communication

Product Territories: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington


GPS based precision time clocks, synchronized power measurement and power calibration products, designed to support industries where precision timing is mission critical. Applications include synchrophasor measurements, synchronized power measurements, computer network time synchronization (via NTP or PTP), event timing and other electric utility support. Pioneers in GPS satellite-based precision timing products since 1976, Arbiter continues to push the market forward by introducing synchrophasor support into it’s product line. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Arbiter timing products provide long term reliability within the most demanding environments. Arbiter’s full line of solutions also include power calibration and measurement products as well as stock and custom test leads.


  • GPS Clocks
  • Power Sentinel family of PMU compatible power measuring products
  • Portable Power System Analyzers
  • Test Leads
  • Fiber/Copper Signal Adapters