Product Categories: Panels, Control, and Communication, Protection, Communications, Metering & Control

Product Territories: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington


RFL is a brand of Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. that designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of highly-reliable, mission-critical, cost-effective communications and protection solutions for the electric utility and transportation markets, oil and gas markets, Government agencies and engineering consulting firms.


At HPS/RFL, they recognize that your needs change more often than your infrastructure, so they are continuously innovating to give legacy equipment the advantage of today’s technologies. They don’t simply provide static products but instead offer dynamic solutions that can accommodate both current and future requirements.


  • Multi Service Communications
  • T1E1 Multiplexters
  • Teleprotection Equipment & Systems
  • Power Line Carrier
  • Relays
  • Digital Access Cross-Connect
  • Electrical to Optical Converters
  • Control & Telemetry